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Imagine healthcare tools that address disparities through integrated platforms…

What if we included self care in the Care Team?

What if you could use a tool to connect with your ideal provider?

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What if patients had a bigger voice in their preventative care?

What if providers had more joy in their work?

The American healthcare system is difficult to navigate period. Now imagine you identify with several Social Determinants of Health, which complicate your ability to care for yourself and your family. Healthcare in America feels like something to be earned, and is historically disproportionately more complex and unpleasant for people of color.

What if there were tools to make the process easier, to help improve quality of life and build trust between patients, providers and payers?

What if you could use one app to:

  • Find your ideal provider(s)
  • Curate your own care team
  • Access your personal EHR
  • Connect with community care groups
  • Save and share healthcare instructions, education, tips and information
  • Share wearable device data with your care team
  • Compare personal data to local and national public health stats
  • Schedule live telemed visits
  • Complete asynchronous visits
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Octavia Reese
Founder, OcTech Health

Hi, I’m Octavia Reese, author, artist, cellist, dancer, mom, healthcare informatics UX specialist and founder of Octech Health, LLC.

I’m collecting data for my next product and I’d love your feedback. Please complete the following Google Form, and share with as many women of color as you can!

Identifying yourself is optional.

I’m based in Chicago and would love to hear from you. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

At OcTech Health, we’re looking at the expanding ecosystem of digital health, and creating solutions to help improve the quality and delivery of care.

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