Meet OcTech Health

OcTech Health: health equity, but make it digital.

OcTech Health is an idea lab designed with health equity in mind.

What is health equity?

OcTech Health defines health equity as closing the health gap between cultures and wealth brackets by designing disruptive healthcare tools with women and people of color in mind. Our approach specifically addresses social determinants of health (including race, education, access to grocery stores, access to healthcare, access to transportation, first language), and other cultural or income-based factors to destroy systemic barriers to care. 


What if we could use technology to erase systemic barriers and improve our health and longevity for generations?

Our Founder and CEO

Octavia Reese started OcTech Health while she was in graduate school studying healthcare informatics. She’s always been an innovator, but was finally inspired to bring her theoretical solutions to life…